About This Site

This is a portfolio site. The categories feature work from current and past projects, along with news (and old news) of publications, exhibitions and other events. While there is a blog component to this site, I make blog entries sparingly – when I have new work to share, an exhibition or publication to announce, or important news about a current or past project. Usually this amounts to once a month, or every couple of weeks when I’m particularly busy.

About Me 

Portrait of Martin Springborg

Martin Springborg

Primarily influenced by Harry Callahan and Emmet Gowin, I photograph the complexities of the commonplace. My current work is focused on higher education, specifically teaching and learning, which allows me to explore two of my main interests in life: teaching and faculty/educational development.

My main art publications include “Proof: Ruminations on the Everyday” and a chapter consisting of an essay and photographs in “North: Stories and Photographs.” My more academic publications include a co-authored chapter in To Improve the Academy, a photographic essay in the NEA journal Thought and Action, and two co-authored books: Meaningful Grading: A Guide for Faculty in the Arts (West Virginia University Press) and What Teaching Looks Like: Higher Education through Photographs (Elon University Center for Engaged Learning).

If you have any questions regarding my work or services, please contact me using the form below.

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

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