I’m very excited to be heading to Wayne State University this afternoon to work with Matt Ouellett and the staff at WSU’s Office for Teaching and Learning. I’ll be furthering my work on the Teaching and Learning Project at WSU, making photographs of faculty and students and providing the keynote presentation “Teaching and Learning: Visualizing Our Work” as part of the OTL’s Warrior Teaching Days.

I’m also excited as I look further out into this spring. I’ll be going back to the University of Virginia to work with Micheal Palmer and the staff at UVa’s Center for Teaching Excellence. Using photographs from my visit earlier this year, I’ll be providing a plenary presentation “The Photograph as Catalyst for Learning and Change” at the CTE’s Innovation in Pedagogy Summit in May.

Looking still further ahead to the future of the Teaching and Learning Project, this year will bring work with more campuses, further photo-based faculty consultation, project study, and publication with Cassandra Horii, Director of Caltech’s Center for Teaching, Learning & Outreach. In the near term, our co-authored invited essay “Toward a New Creative Scholarship of Educational Development: The Teaching and Learning Project and an Opening to Discourse” will appear as part of a special Creative Scholarship feature in To Improve the Academy: A Journal of Educational Development this June.

Finally, as I look beyond the above applications of this project and its photographs, I’m considering other interesting points of intersection with the scholarship of educational development. In the past several weeks, I’ve been looking at Lee Schulman’s and others’ writing on signature pedagogies, and mapping signature pedagogies across the faculty I’ve worked with at various institutions and institution types. Immediately, it’s interesting to see these play out in the images – to visualize the idea of signature pedagogies in the work thus far. Here are a two signature pedagogy “mashups” I’ve posted to Instagram recently:


Spanish at Texas Tech University and the University of Virginia


Art at Penn State and Rochester Community and Technical College

In the longer term, the visualization of signature pedagogies – as well as visualizing the various teaching practices referred to so often by staff in educational development – may be greater points of interest for the Teaching and Learning Project. More on that later this year.