This semester has been busy. I’m not sure what happened to September, but the priority was getting courses up and running. We’re now in our seventh week of the semester, and all I can think is it’s WAY too soon for midterms to be just around the corner.

While I’ve been spending the bulk of my time teaching, there has been some learning as well. I have several projects in progress at the moment. One is a photo essay on the St. Croix River – a long-standing project that I’ve just recently picked up again. I’ve photographed most of this river, from its headwaters in Wisconsin to where it merges with the Mississippi on the Wisconsin/Minnesota border. The project always ends up giving me some quality fishing time as well, which may be part of what draws me back to it. While on my last shoot, a former colleague of mine messaged me about being in a show she’s curating on Fishing Artists. I was in a canoe when I got her message, and promptly made this photograph for the show:


I’ll have two photographs in the April 2017 show, both from the St. Croix work.

I’m also working on a project called Cloverleaf, for which I’ve been photographing the inner leaf circles of cloverleaves – where highways and freeways intersect:


The images are commentary on wilderness areas, or our lack of wild places. Where I live, many of these cloverleaves are designed to be microcosms of our state’s treasured wilderness areas. As I shoot, I’m still learning what I want to say with this work and how I want to say it. When I’m certain of those two things, I’ll build a portfolio section devoted to this project. For now, here is a taste:


You can also see a sample at the upcoming St. Paul Art Crawl. Just come by my studio in the Northern Warehouse Building Friday, Saturday or Sunday, October 14-16. I’ll be there on Friday night.

The Teaching and Learning Project is still the main focus of my photography/art practice. I love this work not only because I believe in what it says but also because it allows me to continue my work in faculty/educational development. One print from this project was recently on display at Concordia University, in their Photography Biennial “Art of Teaching.” I’ll continue making photographs later this month, when I visit Elon University and work with their Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning staff.

What I’m most excited about are two developments that will put this work in the hands of others – to help further their own educational development practice. Some of the Teaching and Learning photographs will also soon be part of a national repository of teaching and educational development spaces, the subject of a presentation I’ll be helping with at the POD Network conference in November. Also at that conference, the Teaching and Learning Project will be recognized as a finalist in POD’s Innovation Award, an award established to “share innovative ideas with the POD membership and encourage others to adapt the ideas for their own use, as well as to develop useful innovations themselves.” I’ll post more on that, Elon University, and other things in November, after the conference!

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