Most of my time at this year’s POD conference was given to catching up with other long-time members, participating in committee meetings, and, as previous days’ photographs suggest, attending the plenary sessions. I did get to a few concurrent sessions on Saturday, where I made these photographs. 

I’ve been a member of discipline-specific organizations and have participated in many other interdisciplinary conferences in my time in higher education. I’ve experienced no other organization quite like POD. I’ve been coming to this conference since 2005, and keep coming back because of the people. They are service-minded leaders and caretakers – of the organization, of this amazing annual gathering, of each other. 

One final note:

Making photographs at this year’s conference gave me a renewed appreciation for the work of our previous photographer, Jake Jacobson, who is now retired and sending me pictures of fat trout. I truly don’t know how he was able to capture so much of our conferences AND make meaningful connections with so many colleagues. His POD photographs are housed in Flickr: