Last week, I visited Texas Tech University in Lubbock and had the pleasure of working with their faculty, administrators, and the fine staff at the Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development Center. Under their guidance, I photographed the story of amazing service-learning work being done at TTU. The subject matter of the images ranges from meetings and paperwork to course development, working with graduate students, and the actual implementation of two programs in a community middle school.

After the photo work, TLPDC Assistant Director Micah Logan and I gave a presentation to faculty and administrators on the benefits of service-learning programs at TTU. Purely from my own perspective, it was one of the most enjoyable Teaching and Learning Project presentations I’ve given so far. Almost every TTU faculty member I photographed during my stay was engaged in the dialogue, telling the story of their own teaching practice and service-learning work.

Presentation photographs by Ching Lee, TTU Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development Center